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The Company

Since 1990 Christakis & Associates has been working exclusively in the design and construction of luxury dwellings in organized residential complexes as well as with the creation of demanding professional buildings.

The choice of location for each project is a key factor in the design of the building and its surroundings. For this reason "Christakis & Associates" focuses its activities in certain areas of known distinction.

With a human-centered philosophy, the company aims to promote a high standard of living and is governed by the principles of

  • Innovation
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetic Attractiveness
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • and full Energy Efficiency


These principles are upheld by a team of professionals who have worked closely with each other for more than 30 years, and through a systematic approach to projects, which includes:

  • Finding the most favorable building sites
  • Optimum use of the site and its grounds
  • Ensuring the functionality of interior and exterior spaces
  • Integrity of design in combination with high aesthetic standards
  • Implementation of innovative ideas and solutions
  • Complete integration of each building with its environment
  • Development of the correct energy behavior of each building
  • Full responsibility and oversight through completion of the project
  • Commitment to integrity of construction, including after transfer of the building